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Kysa Elise Willemsen

As a student in the field of marketing, I know how much hard work and careful thought it takes to succeed. This site allows me to share everything I’ve learned so far and how I see myself developing in the future. If you’d like to learn more about me, feel free to browse. If you see something you like, or you want to discuss what I can do for you, send me an email.


My Professional Profile

I love what I do. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve learned from many professionals and used resources available to teach myself additional skills. I am aware that I still have so much to learn from the industry. I’m a hard worker, a team player and excited to see what projects could benefit from my unique skill set.


Professional History

My Roles & Responsibilities

Kysa Inc.

June 2018 - Current

Providing digital marketing services to small businesses. Services include managing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts for optimizing customer acquisition, brand awareness and loyalty management. As well as sending email newsletter and updating company blog and website pages while curating specific reports to track growth.


Marketing Manager, SUNRIPE

May 2009 - Current

Gained an understanding of the company before co-designing the website. Currently manage the company’s online presence (Facebook, Instagram, website and email). Challenged daily to adapt marketing approaches based on analytical insight, create content with department managers, and respond to all customer communications.

Student Assistant, RIT Office of the President

October 2015 - May 2018

Responsible for managing and creating databases for various RIT member groups. Assistance with the creation of nametags, invitations and event coordination for multiple RIT events.

Development Administrative Support Intern, Arcane Digital

June - August 2016

Responsible for creating presentations that detailed specific client benefits and Arcane processes. Assisted with the implementation of JIRA for the development team to record tasks and hours worked to improve the estimation of task costs and client budget allocation. Managed formatting and content for the launch of a WordPress blog.

Notebook & Pad

Marketing and Promotion Outstanding Business Achievement Award


The Sarnia-Lambton Chamber of Commerce awards a business in any industry for excellence in Marketing and Promotions – who through effective and creative outreach strategies have increased business size, scope, and profits.


Black Notebook

John J. Wittman II Memorial Fund


This award recognizes a student's academic achievement as well as participation in college and/or community activities.



My Skills


Website Editing

WordPress, Wix and SquareSpace

I have created and managed many Wix and Squarespace websites. I have never had the opportunity to build a WordPress site from the ground up I have had experience with editing. I have redesigned existing pages as well as add new pages and blog posts.

Educational Experience

New Media Marketing, B.S, Rochester Institute of Technology

2014 - 2018

Gained an understanding of how companies reach consumers through courses such as buyer behavior, mass communications, internet marketing and advertising and promotions management. Other courses like computer based analysis, web foundations, and database management systems provide a basis on the technologies used in organizations. With a minor in advertising and public relations to enhance a specialization for the consumer facing side of marketing.

Study Abroad, London South Bank University

Spring 2017

Given the opportunity to study retail marketing, public relations and psychology in a British University. Challenged to adapt to a new schooling system and culture while living and learning in one of the world's largest cities.



RIT Varsity Crew

During my first semester at the Rochester Institute of Technology I decided to try a new sport. I have been a member of the RIT crew team ever since as a rower and a coxswain for both the women’s and men’s teams. Practices at 6AM each morning have helped me stay on top of my studies and prioritize time management specifically when I am travelling for races. Balancing school, sports, work and a social life has proven to be difficult sometimes but I wouldn’t want to change this experience for the world. Being a student athlete has taught me control, motivation, balance and versatility.

Forest Xtreme Ringette

I played ringette for 7 years until I moved for school in 2014. I gained experience in the merits of teamwork, winning and losing. Dedication and collaboration is what brought my team to success and made me fall in love with the game. In the 2018-19 season I was able to be an assistant coach for the U19 team. Pushing the athletes to work hard and ultimately have fun.


Abraham Lincoln

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"


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